The Cakery will ensure the perfect party for your occasion

3-8 Year Olds

We can design your party around your child -

  • Bread Making
  • Party Games
  • Cupcake and Biscuit Decorating
  • Tea Party
  • Birthday Cakes

9-4 Year Olds

We can also cater our parties to older children -

  • Break Making Class
  • Cupcake Decorating
  • Pizza Making from Scratch
  • Tea Party with Cakes and Sandwiches
  • Birthday Cakes

Grown Ups

Why should kids have all the fun? We do parties for grown ups too!

  • Break Making Class
  • Afternoon Tea and Artisan Coffee with Sandwiches and Cakes
  • Morning After Breakfast Party (With Cakes if you Need them)
  • Birthday Cakes
  • And Many More to Come..